Massage Services     

For best results please shower prior to your massage, avoid strenuous exercise before & after your massage, drink lots of water and rest following your massage.  Please towel dry after swimming prior to your massage.

A variety of massage techniques may be combined.  Reiki Energy is included if you wish.  You will lie on a heated massage table and only areas worked on will be exposed.  Targeted areas may be requested.  Deep tissue or relaxation massage techniques will be used, whatever you are in the mood for.

Your massage will include your back, arms, shoulders and neck in half hour. Your massage will include back, arms, hands, shoulders, neck, legs, gluteals & chest in the one hour session.  Depending on the type of treatment, the genital region will be massaged. The one and half hour and two hour sessions include back, neck, shoulders, stomach, gluteals, front & back of legs as well as front and back of arms.

Only pure essential oils and top quality carrier oils are used.  No petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances are used.  Fragrance-free massage oils used upon request.   

-Deep Tissue Massage (without tantra)      $45 half hour       $90 one hour

-Couples Guided Erotic Rockin’ Massage                                                          $120  for 60 minutes   or     $180 for 90 minutes 

Olivia will massage you while at the same time demonstrating to your partner how to massage you in very tantalizing & sensitive areas for an exhilarating personalized erotic experience. Think about it!! ….  you could have 4 hands on your body during this intimate massage in a sex club late or in a private studio.

Learn many sensual massage techniques. Treat yourself to a mind-blowing erotic massage, pleasing yourself and your partner while enhancing your connection with each other. Sacred, tantalizing, relaxing and invigorating.

I recommend the 90 minute session so that each partner receives 45 minutes on the table and we are not rushing your full-body massage. Book your personal appointment to reserve your time. Limited spots available.   Satisfaction guaranteed.

-Couples Tantra Sensual Massage       $125 per hour each

Both of you relax and simultaneously enjoy an hour of relaxation massage combined with tantra massage of erogenous zones of the body.

-Gentlemen’s Tantra Erotic Relaxation Massage       $150 per hour

-Reiki Energy Healing        $65 per hour

Reiki energy activates the body’s natural ability to heal, bring peace and balance, cleanse toxins and clear negative energy.  Positive, healing universal energy is channeled to bring deep relaxation and promote inner peace. Includes chakra balancing.