Chapter 6

Despite the severity of the situation, Olivia found herself flustered once again by Marcus’ hotness. It was as if the heavens had sent him down in his pure male glory to distract her from the chaos she was facing. “Here, you need this,” he said, passing her the wine list at the swanky yet discreet bar he had chosen for them to meet at. “Choose anything you like. It’s my treat.”
Olivia reached for the list and scanned it thirstily. Suppressing the desire to order one bottle of everything, she chose a 2006 Allegrini Amaroni. Marcus nodded in approval, “Full-bodied and intense,” he mused, “just the way I like my women.” He gave Olivia a wink that melted her insides and took her mind off her problems for a fleeting moment.
After the sommelier had departed their table, Marcus raised his glass to Olivia. “To you. Let’s take a moment before we delve into your issue to recognize how far you’ve come in just a few short months. Olivia, you are a remarkable woman.”
Olivia savoured her first sip of the rich, decadent wine, rolling it around her tongue and noting how its warmth spread through her body. Although she wasn’t entirely sure if the warmth was a result of the wine or simply Marcus’ close proximity. Could the man not stop being a sexy heartthrob long enough for them to figure out a solution to her disaster? She was seriously doubting her ability to focus on anything other than the prospect of drinking him in like the fine wine that sat before her. And judging by the heat radiating off his sculpted body, she suspected he was entertaining similar thoughts.
Marcus cleared his throat and shook his head as if to bring himself back to the present. “Now then,” he said,” start from the beginning and tell me everything you think you know about Rachel.”
Olivia relayed Rachel’s story to Marcus, leaving no detail unspoken. She watched him carefully as she spoke, noting a few nods and a few eyebrow raises as the story unfolded. When she came to the part about Rachel’s missing documents he stopped her. “Olivia,” he said firmly, “In business, this is a big warning sign. You’re liable for the actions of your employees as they relate to your clients. Don’t beat yourself up about it, take this as a learning experience, but never, ever, take someone’s credentials on their word again.”
Olivia could feel the flush rising up her face as she nodded in embarrassment. “I know that now, I was just, well, I wanted to believe her and that I was helping her.”
Marcus reached over and covered her hand with his own. “It’s ok Olivia, we all make mistakes.” He continued to speak, but his words were lost on her as the electricity from his touch consumed her attention.
The wine was starting to affect Olivia’s judgement. Now that she had unburdened Rachel’s story to Marcus, she felt freer and a little light headed. His hand was still resting on hers, and that wasn’t making matters any better. Gathering the last of her self control, she reluctantly claimed her hand back and excused herself to go to the ladies’ room. Making her way to the rear of the bar, she suddenly froze as a familiar mane of raven hair that stopped just above a mighty fine ass cut in front of her several tables ahead. Rachel!


Chapter 5

Dear Olivia,
I hate to be the one to tell you this, please forgive me for not being man enough to tell you to your face but I can’t risk running into that woman you hired again. I know her, but she didn’t recognize me. She tricked my best friend into marrying her when he was very young, she was pregnant and I doubt the child was even his. She is a psychopath and a sex addict.
Later in their marriage my friend had some performance issues in the bedroom. Rachel would sleep with other married men and then brag to him about it as if she was such a wonderful person to do that. She even slept with her daughter’s boyfriend when he lived in her house – at the time he was only 16 and she was already in her 30’s.
She is not a registered massage therapist and she screws people’s husbands on her massage table. She used to brag on and on about how she would have pity sex with ugly men, she would laugh and say she was doing charity work by doing so. She is a fraud, only out for money and to get her hands on other people’s men.
I am so sorry, please forgive me,

Olivia’s hands were shaking uncontrollably as she set the letter down. She felt like she might throw up. Was this letter true? And if not, why would Anthony make it up? Could he be mistaken about her identity? She slowly stood and crossed the room, locked the door, and returned to her desk where she buried her head in her hands. “Think Olivia, think,” she told herself. She had never felt so alone or helpless in her life. Who could she call to talk to? Who could be trusted to be objective?
She found herself reaching for her phone and scrolling through her contacts to W. The deep, steady sound of Marcus’ voice spoke on the other end of the line, “Hello my favorite entrepreneur, are you calling me because you reached another revenue target?” Olivia promptly burst into tears.

Chapter 4

Olivia eyed the Amazonion woman standing before her with satisfaction. Rachel was perfect for the job. She was Olivia’s physical opposite, which hopefully eliminated her as a threat. Rachel’s dark colouring and statuesque figure directly contrasted Olivia’s pale skin and petite frame. The two women shared killer bodies, with full breasts, tiny waists, and round asses, but Rachel’s spanned over 6 feet from head to toe, visibly diminishing Olivia’s 5 foot 3-1/4 inch height.
They had met at a coffeeshop at 7am on a Monday morning for Rachel’s interview. Olivia had chosen the time and location with specific intention. Nothing beats a Monday 7am interview to test one’s reliability and punctuality. The coffeeshop was smack dab in the middle of the financial district, uncharacteristically large, and as a result, crammed full of men too fresh from sleep to be as focused on their dicks as they would be later in the day, after being exposed for hours to parades of women in skirt suits. Nevertheless, at least a dozen of them would be wearing their coffees to work that day, as a result of losing their sense of direction immediately upon sighting Rachel’s exotic looks.
Olivia pushed away the faint unease she felt about Rachel, deciding that it was caused by her overt sexuality. True, the woman oozed it, but at the same time it would be damn good for business, so long as she could contain it. Rachel had told Olivia that she was in fact a lesbian, and had zero interest in cock. Being that it wasn’t exactly the kind of question one could call a reference to verify, Olivia had no choice but to take her at her word. Rachel admitted to Olivia that she had been married with a 1-year-old by the time she was 16 years old, and the whole experience had turned her off men forever. It sounded like Rachel’s adolescence and 20’s had been quite horrific, and Olivia felt that it was time someone gave her the benefit of the doubt. She had just moved to the city and had lost everything in the process, but assured Olivia that she’d already arranged for duplicates of her diplomas and certifications to be sent to her.
“Ok girl, that’s everything I can think of to tell you,” Olivia said as she sat back in her chair. “Any last questions?”
“I think I got this,” replied Rachel. “If I’m not ready now, I never will be. It’s been a few months since I worked in a massage parlour.” At this Olivia raised her eyebrows in question but Rachel quickly recovered, “Oh I didn’t mean parlour in THAT way, please forgive me.”
Olivia let out the breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding. “Phew. You had me worried there for a minute” she joked, pushing away the feeling of unease again as quickly as it had come on. She stood up and looked at her watch. “Anthony will be here in 10 minutes, he’s not the most attractive man but he’s a perfect gentleman, you’ll be comfortable with him. He likes to spend the last 10 minutes chatting, so make sure to set that time aside at the end. I’m going to grab a bite to eat at Buster’s Buffet, see you after.

Chapter 3

“Ok girl, that was too close of a call!” Olivia stared herself down in the mirror after Marcus had left. “You’ve got to do something to keep yourself together. Or the next time he comes back you are both going to be screwed!”
As much as she hated to admit it, Olivia needed help. She needed to hire another massage therapist. The question was who? And how would she find her? A thousand thoughts raced through her mind. The girl would have to be sexy, but not sexier than her. She’d have to uphold the standards Olivia had set for her business. She’d have to be sexual enough to be comfortable performing erotic massage, yet not so liberal that she would have sex with the clients. She’d have to be…. A knock on the door jolted her from her thoughts. A quick glance at her planner told her that her last client of the day, Anthony, had just arrived. Gentle, shy, and completely sexually unappealing, he was the perfect client to end her day with.
Anthony was predictably routine when he came to visit her. Olivia suspected he secretly craved nurturing female attention, and was probably more of a cuddler than a fucker if the poor guy was ever fortunate enough to score a girlfriend. He preferred her in a soft silk robe over a sexy bra when she massaged him, and while she couldn’t help but notice his arousal, he never made a show of it. His soft spoken manner and kind eyes made her feel like this was a man who might actually be a decent person. He always requested that his last 10 minutes be spent chatting, almost as if he felt guilty to just walk out on her after she had bestowed her talents upon him. Olivia was certain he’d never left a woman in the middle of the night after getting what he wanted from her.
Today, despite her attempts to hide it, he saw the exhaustion in her face. She felt surprisingly comfortable confiding in him her thoughts and fears about expanding her business. “I know it’s a step I need to make eventually, but I’m not sure if I’m ready enough or experienced enough to recognize the right person to work alongside me.”
“I could help you.” Colour rushed up his pale cheeks when he realized how bold he sounded. “I mean, I’m sorry, I don’t mean that you aren’t capable of doing this yourself,” he stammered. “But, maybe, if you chose to hire someone I could, well, you could test her out on me.”
Olivia felt a rushing sense of endearment for Anthony. “You would do that for me? I think that’s just the sweetest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Thank you Anthony, I might take you up on that offer.” Still clearly embarrassed, Anthony smiled at her anyway. “You just let me know, I’m happy to help.”
Feeling as though a weight had just been lifted off her shoulders, Olivia smiled at Anthony’s exiting form. For the first time she noticed that he had quite a sexy gaunt to his hips when he walked. “Oh boy,” she thought, “Now Anthony is hot? I need help more than I thought!”

Chapter 2

“La Perla, hmm” mused Marcus with a glint in his sea-green eyes. He seemed to be struggling to bring his gaze up to her face. Olivia smiled, perhaps she didn’t need the cheesecake after all. She could see his appreciation for her curves as his eyes roved over her body. They lingered once more on her chest before finally resting on her face. His eyebrow arched as he looked at her quizzically. “Is this what you used my loan for?”
Olivia blushed, even as she shook her fiery mane in denial. A part of her was mortified that he would think she would squander his money on lingerie, but then she realized that he was teasing her. Speaking of teasing, she couldn’t wait to get him on her table. Her mind started to wander, to wonder what was going to be revealed when his suit layers were discarded and he was at the mercy of her magical hands. She snapped herself back to attention, she needed to remain professional in front of Marcus more so than with any of her other clients. He was the reason she had been able to pursue her dream, and he had made it no secret that despite the sensual aspect of her business, she needed to operate within the law.
“Actually, this is a reward” she explained, smiling just a little seductively. “I promised myself that each time I reach a new revenue target, I treat myself to a new, ummmm, corporate asset.”
“And what a fine ass-et it is” Marcus replied, drawing out the syllables just a little too slowly. “Well then I believe it is within my rights to be informed each time you reach a target.”
It was almost too much for Olivia to take. She couldn’t remember the last time she had a reciprocal encounter with a man. She had been telling herself for months that she didn’t need a man in her life. So much for thinking that her sensual massage business would fill the gap, that sharing her magic skills, spoiling herself with sumptuous fabrics, would be enough.
“Speaking of targets, we’d better get started, I’m booked back to back today and I wouldn’t want to screw you out of time.” Too late she realized her Freudian slip. “I mean, make you feel screwed. No, wait, not screwed – oh shit!” She threw her hands up in despair. “Just take off what you feel comfortable with and drape the sheet over you. I’ll be back in 2 minutes.”
Olivia rushed from the room, unsure if it was lack of food, lack of sleep, or, as much as she hated to admit it, lack of sex that was totally destroying her ability to act like a normal human being in front of Marcus. And she hadn’t even touched his delicious body yet. She said a silent prayer for self control, squared her shoulders to accentuate her own assets, and silently re-entered the room.