Chapter 6

Despite the severity of the situation, Olivia found herself flustered once again by Marcus’ hotness. It was as if the heavens had sent him down in his pure male glory to distract her from the chaos she was facing. “Here, you need this,” he said, passing her the wine list at the swanky yet discreet bar he had chosen for them to meet at. “Choose anything you like. It’s my treat.”
Olivia reached for the list and scanned it thirstily. Suppressing the desire to order one bottle of everything, she chose a 2006 Allegrini Amaroni. Marcus nodded in approval, “Full-bodied and intense,” he mused, “just the way I like my women.” He gave Olivia a wink that melted her insides and took her mind off her problems for a fleeting moment.
After the sommelier had departed their table, Marcus raised his glass to Olivia. “To you. Let’s take a moment before we delve into your issue to recognize how far you’ve come in just a few short months. Olivia, you are a remarkable woman.”
Olivia savoured her first sip of the rich, decadent wine, rolling it around her tongue and noting how its warmth spread through her body. Although she wasn’t entirely sure if the warmth was a result of the wine or simply Marcus’ close proximity. Could the man not stop being a sexy heartthrob long enough for them to figure out a solution to her disaster? She was seriously doubting her ability to focus on anything other than the prospect of drinking him in like the fine wine that sat before her. And judging by the heat radiating off his sculpted body, she suspected he was entertaining similar thoughts.
Marcus cleared his throat and shook his head as if to bring himself back to the present. “Now then,” he said,” start from the beginning and tell me everything you think you know about Rachel.”
Olivia relayed Rachel’s story to Marcus, leaving no detail unspoken. She watched him carefully as she spoke, noting a few nods and a few eyebrow raises as the story unfolded. When she came to the part about Rachel’s missing documents he stopped her. “Olivia,” he said firmly, “In business, this is a big warning sign. You’re liable for the actions of your employees as they relate to your clients. Don’t beat yourself up about it, take this as a learning experience, but never, ever, take someone’s credentials on their word again.”
Olivia could feel the flush rising up her face as she nodded in embarrassment. “I know that now, I was just, well, I wanted to believe her and that I was helping her.”
Marcus reached over and covered her hand with his own. “It’s ok Olivia, we all make mistakes.” He continued to speak, but his words were lost on her as the electricity from his touch consumed her attention.
The wine was starting to affect Olivia’s judgement. Now that she had unburdened Rachel’s story to Marcus, she felt freer and a little light headed. His hand was still resting on hers, and that wasn’t making matters any better. Gathering the last of her self control, she reluctantly claimed her hand back and excused herself to go to the ladies’ room. Making her way to the rear of the bar, she suddenly froze as a familiar mane of raven hair that stopped just above a mighty fine ass cut in front of her several tables ahead. Rachel!