Chapter 3

“Ok girl, that was too close of a call!” Olivia stared herself down in the mirror after Marcus had left. “You’ve got to do something to keep yourself together. Or the next time he comes back you are both going to be screwed!”
As much as she hated to admit it, Olivia needed help. She needed to hire another massage therapist. The question was who? And how would she find her? A thousand thoughts raced through her mind. The girl would have to be sexy, but not sexier than her. She’d have to uphold the standards Olivia had set for her business. She’d have to be sexual enough to be comfortable performing erotic massage, yet not so liberal that she would have sex with the clients. She’d have to be…. A knock on the door jolted her from her thoughts. A quick glance at her planner told her that her last client of the day, Anthony, had just arrived. Gentle, shy, and completely sexually unappealing, he was the perfect client to end her day with.
Anthony was predictably routine when he came to visit her. Olivia suspected he secretly craved nurturing female attention, and was probably more of a cuddler than a fucker if the poor guy was ever fortunate enough to score a girlfriend. He preferred her in a soft silk robe over a sexy bra when she massaged him, and while she couldn’t help but notice his arousal, he never made a show of it. His soft spoken manner and kind eyes made her feel like this was a man who might actually be a decent person. He always requested that his last 10 minutes be spent chatting, almost as if he felt guilty to just walk out on her after she had bestowed her talents upon him. Olivia was certain he’d never left a woman in the middle of the night after getting what he wanted from her.
Today, despite her attempts to hide it, he saw the exhaustion in her face. She felt surprisingly comfortable confiding in him her thoughts and fears about expanding her business. “I know it’s a step I need to make eventually, but I’m not sure if I’m ready enough or experienced enough to recognize the right person to work alongside me.”
“I could help you.” Colour rushed up his pale cheeks when he realized how bold he sounded. “I mean, I’m sorry, I don’t mean that you aren’t capable of doing this yourself,” he stammered. “But, maybe, if you chose to hire someone I could, well, you could test her out on me.”
Olivia felt a rushing sense of endearment for Anthony. “You would do that for me? I think that’s just the sweetest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Thank you Anthony, I might take you up on that offer.” Still clearly embarrassed, Anthony smiled at her anyway. “You just let me know, I’m happy to help.”
Feeling as though a weight had just been lifted off her shoulders, Olivia smiled at Anthony’s exiting form. For the first time she noticed that he had quite a sexy gaunt to his hips when he walked. “Oh boy,” she thought, “Now Anthony is hot? I need help more than I thought!”