Chapter 2

“La Perla, hmm” mused Marcus with a glint in his sea-green eyes. He seemed to be struggling to bring his gaze up to her face. Olivia smiled, perhaps she didn’t need the cheesecake after all. She could see his appreciation for her curves as his eyes roved over her body. They lingered once more on her chest before finally resting on her face. His eyebrow arched as he looked at her quizzically. “Is this what you used my loan for?”
Olivia blushed, even as she shook her fiery mane in denial. A part of her was mortified that he would think she would squander his money on lingerie, but then she realized that he was teasing her. Speaking of teasing, she couldn’t wait to get him on her table. Her mind started to wander, to wonder what was going to be revealed when his suit layers were discarded and he was at the mercy of her magical hands. She snapped herself back to attention, she needed to remain professional in front of Marcus more so than with any of her other clients. He was the reason she had been able to pursue her dream, and he had made it no secret that despite the sensual aspect of her business, she needed to operate within the law.
“Actually, this is a reward” she explained, smiling just a little seductively. “I promised myself that each time I reach a new revenue target, I treat myself to a new, ummmm, corporate asset.”
“And what a fine ass-et it is” Marcus replied, drawing out the syllables just a little too slowly. “Well then I believe it is within my rights to be informed each time you reach a target.”
It was almost too much for Olivia to take. She couldn’t remember the last time she had a reciprocal encounter with a man. She had been telling herself for months that she didn’t need a man in her life. So much for thinking that her sensual massage business would fill the gap, that sharing her magic skills, spoiling herself with sumptuous fabrics, would be enough.
“Speaking of targets, we’d better get started, I’m booked back to back today and I wouldn’t want to screw you out of time.” Too late she realized her Freudian slip. “I mean, make you feel screwed. No, wait, not screwed – oh shit!” She threw her hands up in despair. “Just take off what you feel comfortable with and drape the sheet over you. I’ll be back in 2 minutes.”
Olivia rushed from the room, unsure if it was lack of food, lack of sleep, or, as much as she hated to admit it, lack of sex that was totally destroying her ability to act like a normal human being in front of Marcus. And she hadn’t even touched his delicious body yet. She said a silent prayer for self control, squared her shoulders to accentuate her own assets, and silently re-entered the room.